Tren Mix 200

Spectrum Pharma | Tren Mix 200
Long-acting trenbolone mix, natural hormone provides solid muscle and strength gains, good beginner steroid.
Medium-acting trenbolone ester.
Explosive high quality mass & strength gains.
Accelerate fat loss.
One of the most powerful steroids available.
Potency100 mg / ml
Appearanceoil based solution
Packing10ml glass vial*
Dosage300-400 mg / week
Performance chart
Muscle Gain
Fat/Water Loss
Side Effects
Keep Gains

* Supplied in a clear 10ml glass vial with flip-on/off cap and labeled box


Trenbolone MIX is known among bodybuilders, is the most effective steroid for gaining lean mass, strength and precompetitive preparation. Steroid indicators Tren Acetate, perhaps second only to testosterone – the basic substance from which all produced anabolic and androgenic steroids. However, side effects at trenbolone acetate, a much less pronounced, contrary to expectations. Are rare, and many athletes do not notice them even if, of course, do not exceed the dosage tren acetate.
Trenbolone acetate, is not usually used in its pure form, preferably combined courses. And this is reasonable, since the course itself trenbolone acetate solo not give such an impressive growth of muscle mass, in combination with other steroids. Combining trenbolone acetate right decision also because trenbolone acetate is a cortisol antagonist that reduces the accumulation of water under the skin as a result of other steroids.
This effect trenbolone acetate also help in reducing subcutaneous fat, but at the same time capable of causing wanton aggression from the athlete. Another unique effect of trenbolone acetate – is that it substantially does not have progestogenic activity. This means that taking trenbolone acetate, an athlete can not be afraid of water retention and gynecomastia manifestations. Of course, to be precise, progestogenic activity in trenbolone acetate is, but it is so small ( only 1 % of the activity of progesterone itself) that can be neglected.
Trenbolone acetate injectable drug. There is an interesting side effect that can hardly be called such, and which manifests itself only during the injection – ” Tren cough “. The effect is very rare (1% of all injections) and is manifested in the form of uncontrollable attack, irritating cough. Do not worry, it’s completely harmless effect, which manifests itself by the reaction of the organism to the small amount of oil getting into the blood.
Optimum and recommended dosage trenbolone acetate – 50 mg / day.
Rates trenbolone acetate should not last longer than 5-6 weeks, as it is able to significantly inhibit the production of testosterone. If you plan a longer course, you need to stock up on gonadotropin and in combination with it, you can avoid this trouble.
Before the course trenbolone acetate, carefully check the reaction of the organism to Tren Acetate, introducing a small amount of sample for the steroid. If all goes well and the body does not suffer intolerance trenbolone acetate – can begin the course.
Perfectly combined with steroid drugs such as Dianabol, Testosterone, Stanazolol.
Example combination: trenbolone acetate 50mg/day + Methandienone 50mg/day. It’s a great combination that is much more effective and less dangerous than the use of these two drugs alone at higher doses.
One of the most frequently reported traits of our Tren MIX is how incredibly strong and powerful its users feel while maintaining a “Hard” and “Vascular” appearance. Tren MIX is the perfect choice when getting ready for summer, or for the high performance athlete that wants explosive power and strength without excessive weight gain.
A unique property of Tren MIX is its amazing ability to help incinerate stubborn body fat while increasing appetite and continuing to add high quality lean muscle, which makes it one of our most popular products currently available.
Tren MIX whether stacked or taken alone will help provide you with Dry, Lean, Hard Muscle of the highest quality.
Tren MIX was designed and formulated to:

  • Generate Near Instant Metabolic Results
  • Increase Appetite and Optimize Nutrient Absorption
  • Produce Dry, Vascular, Dense Muscle, While Hardening and Cutting
  • Improve Nitrogen Retention in Muscle Tissue
  • Eliminate Muscle Blurring “Water Retention” and Bloat
  • Incinerate Body Fat While Maintaining Muscle Mass