Anavar O

Spectrum Pharma | Anavar O
Low liver toxicity and side effects.
Promotes great strength gains and solid lean mass gains.
Perfect for beginner.
Potency50 mg / ml
Appearanceoil based solution
Packing10ml glass vial*
Dosage50-100 mg / day
Performance chart
Muscle Gain
Fat/Water Loss
Side Effects
Keep Gains

* Supplied in a clear 10ml glass vial with flip-on/off cap and labeled box


Anavar O is a bestseller in Europe. Anavar O belongs to the most popular injectable-taken anabolic-androgenic steroids amongst the bodybuilders. It is used in both preparation for competitions and bulking cycles thanks to the unique features of its active substance, oxandrolone. In medicine, Anavar O is used in the treatment of female osteoporosis and loss of weight caused by the HIV Anavar O does not cause excessive increase on body weight, but simultaneously leads to the incredible gain on strength. The new muscle mass does not disappear, when the use of Anavar O is ended. The product does not cause Gynecomastia in the body and does not reduce the natural endogenous production of testosterone.


For the best results in the contest preparation, the combination with stanozolol, trenbolone or methenolone acetate is the best variant. Bodybuilders, who prefer the growth of muscle mass of extreme hardness and density stack Anavar O with fluoxymesterone or clenbuterol hydrochloride.


The daily dose of 50 to 100mg/ml is the ideal amount of Anavar O for men. In female body, Anavar O may lead to virilization, which is a reason why women should not exceed the daily dose of 10 mg.


One of the most common side effects of the use of Anavar O is acne. Although the product can be slightly toxic for the liver, serious health troubles connected with Anavar O are very rare.