OEM Manufacturing of Freeze-dried products
SPECTROS 150IU with bacteriostatic diluent
OEM Manufacturing of injectable solutions
OEM Manufacturing of injectable solutions
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OEM Manufacturing of Freeze-dried products

Spectrum Pharma is growing its capacity and in a year we will be able to increase the output capacity to five million sterile freeze-dried products in vials per year.



Manufacturing of sterile solution and sterile freeze-dried products in 1 – 100 ml vials

  • Bausch+Ströbel (Germany) semi-automatic vials washing machine
  • Isolator Isotech (Canada) class A (ISO 4/5) environment ensure vial’s filling under aseptic conditions for freeze-dried products
  • Vials filling and closing equipment Flexicon (Denmark) placed in isolator
  • Vials freeze-dried process employ company Martin Christ (Germany) equipment with capacity 12 kg ice. Vials with up to 100 ml volume can be freeze-dried.
  • Sterilization of vials by autoclaving (Fedegari (Italy)) is possible as well.
  • Mean production batch size up to 1500 vials for freeze-dried products
  • Production capacity 150 – 300 thousand vials per year.

Investigational medicinal products manufacturing (IMP)

  • Product formulation development
  • Sterile products in vials (including cytotoxic) investigational medicinal products manufacturing for phase I – III studies
  • Clinical trial material labelling, release, dispatching and shipping
Production technologyMain production steps Glass or plastic

Batch sizeBatch size*
Freeze-dryVials washing
Vials dry heat sterilisation
Vials aspetic filling
1 ml1380
10 ml1280
20 ml1000
30 ml350
50 ml110
Aseptic fillingVials washing
Vials dry heat sterilisation
Vials aseptic filling
1 ml.380020 000
10 ml190010 000
20 ml13006 500
30 ml4002 000
50 ml2001 000
Terminal sterilisationVials washing
Vials dry heat sterilisation
Vials aseptic filling
1 ml380016 800
10 ml19008 400
20 ml13006 800
30 ml4001 350
50 ml200840

* could be upscaled within 6 months on customer request


OEM Manufacturing of Freeze-dried products


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