Custom manufacture

We combine our technology with your marketing skills to produce top selling items.
Spectrum Pharmaceutical provides OEM / ODM for project based development in quick development time, customized and differentiated spec, with high-quality and cost-performance. In order to meet the expectations of customers, our staff strives to make everything perfect. We have established assorted manufacturing management system, quality assurance system and sales service system.
According to the GMP standard, we have invested large funds to establish a complete Q.A. & Q.C.system to insure our quality. We have HPLC, GC and UV spectrometers which are of high efficiency and high sensitivity to analyze and control the products. Also, we reached SGS standards as an audited supplier.
We can make finished product for you demand. As a specialized manufacturer of Steroid Raw Materials, Peptides, and Steroid Oil (Semi-finished Steroid), Spectrum Pharmaceutical provides high quality and reasonable price steroid raw powder/oil for the laboratories or the pharmaceutical companies.
We assist you comprehensively from planning and formulation development to production with our fulfilling R&D power. If you wish to join steroids industry, consider outsourcing production, or selling Made-in-EU products of high quality, safe and reassurance, please leave them to us.


Frequently asked questions. FAQ.


Is it possible to manufacture a small quantity?

• Our usual MOQ is 4000 vials or 30000 ampoules or 100000 tablets per one kind but we can adjust to your needs for a higher costs. Please feel free to consult with us.

Can you suggest containers and packaging design for us?

• Yes, we can cooperate with domestic or foreign components manufacturers and suggest designs as well.

We want to keep the cost to the minimum

• We can propose a business plan based on your cost plan, quantity, and delivery date. In some cases, we can offer an international standard unit price by cooperating with our vast international network.

Although I am unfamiliar with the raw materials or the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, is it possible to produce a product?

• We are more than happy to provide you with technical advises. If requested, our researchers can visit you directly and explain the information in detail. We can present the entire plan from concept planning, content, to packaging. Even first time customers can rely on us.

Can I trust you with our product manufacturing?

• Please do not worry. We have one of the world’s cleanest manufacturing environment GMP 2018 standard. All our incoming raw materials and packaging components are examined and only those that pass our strict inspection can pass into our factory. Not only are the products examined after manufacturing, we also evaluate the product stability after shipment. We offer complete the thorough aftercare support.

Are you able to manufacture products other than health foods?

• We are able to manufacture a wide range of products, including pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and other products. In addition to pharmaceutical products, we are able to manufacture cosmetics. We will try to work with other products for which we may not have manufacturing experience at the client’s request. To allow for a more flexible response, we plan to introduce new equipment in addition to our abundant preexisting equipment.