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Potency25 mg / tablet
AppearanceWhite tablet
Packing100 tablets*
Dosage25-75 mg EOD

* Packed and sealed in white HDPE plastic bottle


Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) is one of the safest anti-estrogen drugs that is chiefly used by athletes and bodybuilders. Medically the drug is mainly prescribed for the treatment of breast cancer. Commonly referred as Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM), it was earlier used for the prevention of gynocomastia.

Though, Nolvadex is not a strong ancillary compound that you can use in your steroid cycle but it is one of the safest drugs. It does not reduce your body’s estrogen level, but just hampers the estrogen and receptor bond formation process, which resulted in various benefits for muscle growth. Due to its wide range of health benefits, the drug is mainly used by the bodybuilders during their steroid cycles.
For both male and female bodybuilders, Nolvadex is a quite useful anti-estrogen steroid. Most of its credit goes to its widespread use and positive results. Apart from being an anti-estrogen, the drug originally belongs to the group of sex hormones.

Unlike other anabolic steroids that have aromatization characteristic, Nolvadex works against the bonding of estrogen with receptors. Due to aromatization, male bodybuilders can experience a significant increase in estrogen level. As a result of which various feminine features, such as growth of breast glands and increased fat deposits occurred. With Nolvadex no such problems exist.

But before switching to the drug, it is important to know that Nolvadex acts only as an estrogen antagonist and does not prevent aromatization process. This particular feature of the drug has a disadvantage associated with it. After you discontinue the drug, you can experience a “rebound effect,” which means that suddenly freed estrogen receptors rebound themselves actively.




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