Glass ampoules have been widely used for drugs. Anesthesiologists, along with nurses and nurse aides, represent a significant proportion of the group of professionals that routinely manipulate this material. Glass is made of basically three inorganic compounds (SiO2 – 73%; Na2CO3 – 14%; CaCO3 – 11%). In essence, it is colorless. During its manufacture metallic oxides (iron, cobalt, manganese, nickel, aluminum, chrome, arsenic, barium, and others) are added. Many of these metallic oxides can give color to glass. Glass has important characteristics that are responsible for its wide use in the manufacture of containers for drug and other sterile substances. We purge our ampoules with nitrogen prior to filling in order to clean out area, and ampoule filling machine outputs 80000 ampoules per  working day. Our ampoule filling machine hermetically seals glass ampoules from Germany to prevent any glass shards or other outside contaminates from getting into our products. Also we add on top nitrogen gas into each of the ampoules and immediately seal the tip of the ampoule using the flames of the 12th jet ampoule sealer to make active ingredient be stable for many years and avoid any oxygenation and destruction.

Our TopLine include:

  • Production in cGMP environment
  • Statistical in-process control
  • Regulation system for ISO specific stem diameter
  • 100 % inspection of key dimensional characteristics
  • 100 % camera inspection of break systems (OPC, CBR, SCO)
  • Quality level according to ISO for Type B, C and D
  • Reduced stem diameter tolerance for superior processing
  • Optimized dimensions for better processability, e.g. reduction of tolerances



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